12/13/12 Michigan Chat Pack From William Randall Publishing Giveaway

William Randall Publishing introduces The Michigan Chat Pack. This sweet little package is excellent for parties, get togethers or just lazing around with the family. Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie together came up with a simple book idea that they thought would be marketable and fun to publish: A collection of original questions that could serve as ice-breakers in numerous casual and professional settings.

They have the following chat packs available for family fun:

  • Chat Pack Extremes
  • Chat Pack
  • More Chat Pack
  • Chat Pack For Kids
  • Chat Pack Stories
  • Christmas Chat Pack
  • Iowa Chat Pack
  • South Dakota Chat Pack
  • Minnesota Chat Pack
  • Wisconsin Chat Pack
  • Simple Joys
  • and my favorite Michigan!

Michigan is special to me because we have so much to offer and of course because I live here. This is an excellent conversation starter for holiday parties. Some of the questions include:
Which of the professional sports teams in Michigan do you think will win a world championship before any of the others?

If you had to choose a new city to serve as Michigan’s capital, which one would it be, and why do you think your choice would be a good one?

Reading the questions can be a little controversial because everyone has their own opinions and reasons for their choices, making this fun.

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