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If these things don’t remind me of The Garbage Pail kids, then there’s nothing that can. These are definitely very comparable. Difference is those are cards, The Trash Pack  are “trashies” in trash cans. Cool factor, their lids open and close and there are awesome accessories to store your collections in. Wowza! You can check out one of these, the Street Sweeper for an idea.

I smacked two flies with one swat! Muahaha! There’s a fly counter at the top of the screen for our pleasure. Swat as many as you can to win secret downloads. Not kidding here, I’m on the The Trash Pack website and I’m addicted to swatting the flies with the fly swatter. Go! Try it out! I’m only going to tell you that I smashed more than 43 flies. 🙂

Fun isn’t it?

As I check out all the Trashies, there are 6 categories. Astro Trash, The Grubz, Bin-Sects, Bin Critters, Hard Rubbish and Bin Monsters. (navigate your way from the top of the page) Make sure you choose the series you want to explore.

Personally, I kind of fell in love with Yuk Duk.
“Next time you take out the trash, don’t be surprised if you hear a ‘Quack’. That’s just Yuk Duck swimming around in a cool pool of garbage juice, looking for squirmy worms and other Binsects to eat for dinner.

He’s kinda’ cute … in that trashie kinda’ way.

From The Trash Pack website you can track your own collection of trashies, view the most wanted, most recent and most collected. You just give a click on I want and/or I own. Pretty simple.

We have had a lot of fun with the little guys in their trash cans. The lids close so you can lock them up when they have behaved too well or perhaps you’ll have to punish a trashie for taking a bath!

“Ever wondered …
What a pink grotweiler looks like?
Or an orange mouldy milk?
Or a green garbage gull?”

Then don’t wait, go on over and get busy on the free coloring pages from The Trash Pack. You’ll find the coloring sheets and more free printables and activities by clicking “Trash Time” at the top of their site.

Give your Series 2 collection a big dump of Trashies with the Trash Pack 12pack! Find two Special Edition Mouldy Trashies inside! Use the poster to track your collection and learn cool games to play against friends. You can also hunt in the 12pack for the Ultra Rare and Limited Edition Trashies. 

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