12/21/12 Mini Rc Cars – Micro Stunt Car – Giveaway

I don’t care if it’s Neal, Ian or Quinn the boys in our family like gadgets. The newest addition in the house is a Mini RC Stunt Car. Mini RC Car’s goal is simple, to provide fun. The Mini RC Stunt Car, is also known as the Micro Turbo Twister. This little guy zooms around our house in nothing flat. It has our cats jumping and the dog turning his head to listen an see where that noise is coming from.

The car works well on floors or short carpet. The front of the car rotates 360 degrees causing it to flip, twirl, and just go.

Features include:

  • Improved charger unit
  • Car comes in it’s own bubble
  • Range up to 50 feet
  • Sturdy car can run on both hard floors and short carpet
  • Interior lights when moving
  • Twists, turns, flips, never gets stuck
  • Is for all ages over 6 years


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