12/27/12 Barts Worlds Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – Giveaway

Barts Cookies


Oh man, Barts Cookies arrived on a day the whole family was hungry. Sadly they were gobbled up with in probably  an hour. These are serious cookies that are  fantastically delicious. We received the Milk & Dark Chocolate Chip and the White Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nuts for review. So these passed the first test the family loved them.

I think these are the Worlds Best Chocolate Chip Cookies because that’s all Bart Smith makes. Different types of chocolate chip cookies. Bart relies on testimonials to know how good his cookies taste, and his site if full of excellent and fun testimonials for you to read.

Barts Cookies

These cookies definitely pass for homemade because essentially they are. Don’t have enough time for your holiday baking? Just order Barts Cookies and you’ll be ready to entertain.




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