ChocolatRouge Wine – The Perfect Combination Of Chocolate & Wine


What could be better than wine and chocolate? How about wine WITH chocolate. Chocolate and red wine has been uniquely paired at ChoclatRouge. They’re dedicated to creating new, elegant combinations from these two natural partners. These wines are a blend of rich chocolate flavors with fine red wine that gives you an experience.

Deliciously different, ChocolatRouge Sweet Red is a luscious blend of fine red wine and rich chocolate flavors reminiscent of chocolate-dipped red berries with a soft velvety finish. Enjoy this ideal combination for a smooth rich taste not to be missed.

Experience true decadence in a luscious blend of rich chocolate flavors and fine red wine. Deliciously Different, ChocolatRouge entices with creamy richness. Serve chilled or savor it on the rocks for the ultimate indulgence.


Deliciously different, ChocolatRouge Dark Red is a full-bodied blend of premium red wine and dark chocolate flavors reminiscent of black cherries with hints of dark chocolate.

I wasn’t sure about chocolate and wine together but I had to try it. Hubby grabbed the bottle from me with an “Ah Ah Ahhhh me first”. So he tried it and gave me an “mmmmm this is really different and good honey, you should try it.” So after wrestling the bottle from him I tried it and was heavenly. It is rich and I couldn’t drink a lot but ladies, this is going to be my new PMS chocolate cure.


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