St. Anne’s Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar 2012


Every year our St. Anne’s alter society at our church hosts a Christmas Bazaar. For me it officially kicks off the Christmas season. I can’t decorate or do anything until then. The profits go toward Christmas Gift Baskets for the poor, flowers for the alter, and other worthy causes.

Bazaar 2012

I us usually make a Nativity for the church, but this year my Nativity was a little extra special. I didn’t make it. A friend that passed away who did a love of ceramics made it. My husband bought me a kiln and the ceramics from the estate. I found a lot of almost done and fully done Nativitys in her collection.

Bazaar 2012

This was much smaller than I usually make but it had more pieces. In a separate box I found a beautiful Nativity wreath that matched the Nativity pieces. So this is the way I chose to display it.

Bazaar 2012

Some of the other ways we make money at the bazaar are crafters tables, a cookie walk, and baked goods. For the cookie walk we display a huge array of cookies and people walk through the link adding the cookies they’d like to their bag. In the end they pay for the cookies per pound.

2012 Bazaar

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