Family Holiday Program


I love Christmas and all of our traditions. One of those traditions is attending our kids Christmas programs. It’s unreal how many family and friends can be squished into a Class D school and parking lot, but it can be done. This isn’t just to see the program though, it’s a chance to see people you haven’t seen in years, or even classmates from long ago who stood and sung with you when you were in school.

Before the program began Neal had to park the car, and my kids found this the perfect time squish and hug me. I’m not a hugable person, it makes me uneasy. I know, I know people are thinking who doesn’t want a hug? So each time we’re in public they take this time to hug me, laugh and *gasp* snap a photo or two.


I’ve included a couple of songs they sang for fun and I hope you enjoy!

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