12/31/12 Kimmi Doll Bobble Head Pens – Giveaway

Kimmi Doll

I received a very nice selection of products from Kids Preferred from their Kimmi Doll collection.  These little darlings are sure to be a hit with your little girl, tween, teen or even yourself.  I received items from the “Ellie” Collection:

  • A Journal with a Skeleton Key Lock
  • A Key Chain
  • A Bobble Head Pen

54032 Leila

The journal is a darling hard covered book, with a little metal Skeleton Key Lock.  This quality journal would make the perfect gift for any girl who wants to write and keep her writing private.  The Key Chain is excellent for holding your keeps or even as a pull on your backpack or coat.  She is definitely unique and will compliment your zipper.  The Bobble Head Pen is adorable.  It even comes with a small cord attached with a little wooden bead on the end to keep yourself ink free.

54034 Jemma

You can find the Kids Preferred Kimmi Doll Collecton at Amazon.com.

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