Comedy Of Errors With The First Snow

Today I had to run to town to take my daughter to college and the weather was a little bad, so I decided to stay in town and run some last minute errands.  I went to the post office and slid in the slush ewwww.  My shoes were instantly wet which reminded me to get my boots out for the season (silly me!  I made the kids get theirs out a week ago).  Then I had to visit a wholesale foods store, and met my dad (out of the blue mind you).  It was nice to shop together, he checked out and went to his car and left before I could check out, so I went to load my stuff in the car and I pulled up a box, the cart started to run off the curb on it’s own, I tried to grab but only snagged it but did keep it from hitting any other cars.


So I bruised my wrist, jammed my finger and twisted my knee (Yes, I had some choice words).  All in one second.  So I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m getting out a sun chair and sitting out to enjoy the snow for a bit.  I’m not going to head to town nooooo way.  I’m going to stay safe and sound at home, bake cookies, decorate cookies, wrap a few things and literally chill!


Except if the kids are home I anticipate a snowball fight and a snowman!


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