How Are We Going To Feed Our Families In 2013?

Life hasn’t been financially good for us, or most people the last couple of years, and now the price of food is expected to increase. While the Food Institute says that for 2012 food prices have been flat, 2013 is to bring higher prices on animal based foods (meat & dairy). Due in part because of expenses for animal feed.

The 2013 forecast is due to a year of drought conditions through out the USA. According to Cnn.Com writer David Frum Almost 80% of the continental US experienced drought conditions and key crops were ruined. In July, prices for corn and wheat jumped about 25% each, prices for soybeans about 17%.

This new forecast is a little bit scary for families like ours who are living paycheck to paycheck. We’ve already cut finances as much as possible and our grocery bill has been cut to the bare minimum. Eating out is a thing of the past and making almost everything homemade is our future. In 2012 we didn’t plant a garden because we needed to enrich our soil, but 2013 is turning into a must. We will be planting a healthy sized garden and working in it together as a family. As the food is ready to harvest we will be canning and freezing, as well as eating.

Our family has been drinking more water, less fruit juice and milk, and very little soda. Chips & lunch meat? Nope it’s Pb&J or left overs. It’s simply not doable and fresh foods? It’s near impossible to afford them here. What is left you may ask? Cooking from scratch, rubber chicken (make 1 chicken make 3 meals), a LOT of soups and scrimping.

So how is your family doing it? How are you saving money and feeding your family?



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