Budget Monday – Mothers Helping Mothers



This is a New Year and Networking Witches has some new things to share. Our readers are important to us and we realize everyone is going through hard times. The “Financial Cliff” our government kept us from falling over is only temporary. Why? Beacause this is only good for a year and because our debt ceiling is going to have to be raised for us to stay on this course.

I’m not going to get into the economics or the why etc. I’m getting into what it means for you and I. Women, Moms, and FAMILY! It’s been so hard and our family has suffered in silence. We haven’t shared our monetary issues with anyone, family, or friends but I’ve decided that must stop.

So I’m starting Budget Monday. Budget Monday is going to be all about the economics of your household. How to save, what you’re doing, this is where we can all share our family savings and what we’re doing keep our households running. Moms everywhere should be commended and the government should learn from us.


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