What Household Chores Are Your Kids Required To Help With?

I’m curious who makes their kids do chores around the house?  What is too much and what is not enough?  Aren’t they supposed to be taught family values and life skills from us?  Isn’t a family supposed to work together?  Here is how we work here and I have been told I’m a mean mom.  That other moms don’t make their kids …..


Here is our list.


Daughter 19

Fold and put away laundry.  This does require her to get loads going at times.

Load the dishwasher

At times help make my bed with her older brother (mind you this is the chore I hate most and yeah I delegated it.)

Sometimes she’s required to start dinner like put the roast in the oven or make mashed potatoes.

I have been informed this is unfair.  That other kids moms don’t make them do this stuff.  The boys get through this a bit easier with a lot less crabbing.


Son 16

Brings in wood (our heat)

Unloads the dishwasher

puts his and 10 year olds clothes away

picks up stray stuff in house

Sometimes required to start dinner


Helps make my bed now and then (again I’m sooooooo in hate with making my bed)


Son 10

Cleans off dinner table

empties all of the garbages

feeds and waters the animals 2x a day

Shoe patrol (ugh we have too many boots and shoes in the entry everyone is allowed 1 pair)


Idk if this is asking too much.  The boys are crabbing that their sister isn’t pulling her weight.  The bed thing makes me feel guilty.  I do drive them all over.  Daughter refuses to learn to drive.  She works and goes to school (college) and I have to pick her up and drop her off.  I think this is part of me being so tired lately.  What are your household expectations?


With all of this she goes into a tirade that she pays her cell phone bill BUT she does because she bought herself a 4g phone.  She’s also required to pay the light bill in lieu of any type of rent.  Our light bill is about $75 to $100 a month.  Rarely does she put money in the gas tank.  If I ask though she will.




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