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Today I had to go out of my comfort zone and actually leave the house and stay out.  My daughter had to be taken to college and her class is only an hour and a half long (about 20 minutes from home).  Seeing as it’s freezing cold outside and my dear carriage-less horse has lost some of its will I went and sat at Burger King with my iPad and a good bit of coffee.  How can this help other mothers?  First let me say I am no expert my kid refuses to drive, I started thinking about all of the things I needed to be doing that I couldn’t because I had to take her to school and was a little miffed.  Things that I won’t be able to do Monday through Thursday because I’m running my daughter around.


It makes me mad and angry and I started to thinking about all of my wasted time, but it isn’t wasted.  She’s getting an education and is doing well in school.  I love the time to and from school because we talk and stay connected, it’s a special time.  I need to re-think my feelings and how I am handling this, because it won’t be long before she’s out in the big world.


Raising a child for today’s world and pushing them out of the nest is scary.  I don’t want to be angry because we never know what is going to happen tomorrow.  So my question is today what are you doing to ready your child for today’s world?


I have three kids and they’re each different and unique and loved unconditionally.  My daughter is almost ready, I just need to push her to get her drivers license.  My 16 year old boy knows what he wants to do when he gets out of school.  He’s a very good boy.  He’s 6’5″ but still my little boy.  He’s more ready to meet the world than his sister and Quinn?  He’s 10 and I have a few years left of him being a little boy, and I’m going to enjoy it and not sweat the small things anymore (like time).





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