The Colibri by Ladygasm – Must be 21 to read this post!




Something romantically but quietly talked about are women’s personal vibrators. In today’s world people share gratification with their partners. No longer do men not understand that a woman needs the closeness and love given to them. Adding the Ladygasm Colibri into your live can help bring you and your partner closer together in love and in the act act itself.

The Ladygasm Colibri is their latest and greatest female pleasure to and is rechargeable, waterproof, and perfectly ergonomic. The Colibri is meant to be used externally so it’s a great choice for women and your partner.



A small grouping of 4 buttons allow you to control the speed as well as the various vibration modes. You can select from 7 different modes, and 4 different intensities per mode. We know that all women are different, so we’ve gone to great lengths to give you as many options as possible while using this toy.


The features  that the Colibri has will bring romance and a little bit of an experiment to your relationship.  The rechargeable batteries help keep the fun going.   And if you’ve never used a toy in the shower or bathtub – they recommend you take advantage of the Colibri’s waterproof design, and do a little experimentation.

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