Happy Tuesday! Networking Witches Notes & Looking For Your Thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone.  It’s a beautiful sunshine day here but looks are deceiving because it’s crispy cold too.  I’m definitely using the solar panel and the woodstove together.  Tonight thanks to Tami’s great menu our family is having soup and breadsticks.   Our family loves soup and on these cold days it’s welcoming.


Whats new at Networking Witches?  Well, Tami is working on a regular monthly menu, complete with recipes, and a grocery list.  What goes well with a grocery list?  Coupons!   We’re thinking about starting this with a pdf file that would come straight to your in box.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I know many of you made resolutions and I’m curious to know what they are?  We might be able to get some guest posters to help you with this or even post products if you’re looking for more information.  Would love to hear your thoughts.



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