Santalia Intensive Spot Treatment For Acne


I recently shared with you Santalia Balancing Serum, and now want to share their Intensive Spot Treatment with you.  A powerful booster neutralizes newly forming breakouts before they emerge.  The clear, quick drying gel calms inflamed skin, while controlling bacteria.  Natural unisex aroma of sandalwood.


Features & Benefits

  • Powerful booster neutralizes newly forming breakouts before they emerge, as well as stubborn blemishes which resist treatment
  • Clear, quick drying gel quickly calms inflamed skin & controls bacteria
  • Pleasant natural, unisex aroma of sandalwood
  • Free of benzyl peroxide, sulfates, artificial fragrance, dyes & preservatives

Key Ingredients

  • 0.5% Salicylic acid provides mild exfoliation
  • Pharmaceutical-grade Sandalwood oil calms irritations & combats bacteria
  • Odorless onion extract combats scarring
  • The Australian bush food Kakadu Plum, considered the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, critical for healthy skin
  • Traditional Australian plant extracts known for antibacterial activity Lemon Myrtle

I really like that Santalia works on healing the face as well as combating the acne.  I describe them as scentless and this is important to the boys in our family.  With the wind and snow here it is so easy to dry out your skin.  These premier Acne Treatments are clinically proven formulas to clear, calm and balance skin at any age.  These products are made without benzoyl peroxide, sulfates, artificial fragrance, dyes or preservatives and are naturally preserved with honeysuckle extract.


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