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It’s cold, and I don’t just mean cold it’s below zero.  Yesterday the windchill was -15.  After a certain point it doesn’t matter what the temps are it’s just freezing.  Our wood burner is doing it all it can to keep up and we’ll probably make a fire in the basement wood burner to heat the floors.


I’ve been super swamped and yesterday I finally had a melt down.  I’m working hard to be optimistic but my series of events yesterday (including frozen hair) just pushed me over the edge.  Now I’m thinking how silly I was.  There are so many worse things that could happen and I’m thankful for our family and what we do have.


I have been telling my kids for weeks now that the “Aunts” are coming.  My daughter said it sounded more like a picnic.  They’re here and it’s so nice to see them.  I haven’t seen them years and am so proud that they braved this chill to visit my parents and my family.  They are certainly treasured and this time means a lot to me.


There are a LOT of reviews and giveaways coming.  I’m working on them right now in fact and can’t wait to share them with you!


Lastly, where is Rose?  Her space bar broke on her computer and we have a new keyboard headed her way.  Until then she copied and pasted a space.  I kinda think that’s hilarious!



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