Dangerous Driving In Petoskey – Shame On Our Road Commission

We took pictures of the lines too but they’re really blurry.


Today on the way to take my daughter to college the roads were terrible. Even worse they were not properly sanded or salted. Coming up the huge Division Street Hill there was a line like I’ve never seen behind me. It didn’t occur to me that maybe their cars weren’t making it up the hill.

Here is the main Road pull out of McDonalds.  Salty, Sandy Mush

Here is the main Road pull out of McDonalds. Salty, Sandy Mush

After reaching the end of Division I turned on Atkins Road to go to the college. Mind you this road now dumps into their parking lot. No sand, no salt, and solid ice. I was almost at the top until the car in front of me stopped. UGH! the cars behind me were sliding backwards and some in front trying to turn around. I was stuck, I wasn’t able to go forward or backward (thankfully I have NEW tires). A woman in a truck made it to the top of the hill and brought out sand bags and started spreading the sand under tires and on the road. She was an angel today and I want to thank her. She was in a company truck that said Wade Trim on it and as far as I can find the company is the link I provided and their Facebook Page.

Snowbank in front of Glens Market

Snowbank in front of Glens Market

This has NEVER happened to me and I would like to say SHAME on our road commission and their Facebook Page. We’ve always let the fact that the side roads are never done in a timely manner go. After all aren’t they busy working on our main roads? I guess not. I would also like to say that while we had 2 snow days in a row this should have been one too. NEVER should you be risking your child’s life taking them to school.



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