02/24/13 Naki Nagi – Rose Lovers Delight Body Scrub – Giveaway


I am mad for body scrubs. I use them daily because my skin is dry and exfoliating helps greatly. And I know I’ve told you all over and over about my fancy for scents. My favorite? Rose scented products and that’s what I received fro Naki Nagi, Body Scrubs.

Each 8 oz. handmade body scrub is made fresh. Sugar scrubs are ideal for sensitive skin types, while their best sea salt body scrubs provide powerful relief of acne and other skin conditions. All of their handmade body scrubs exfoliate your skin, unclog pores, and remove dead skin cells that cause irritations.

The Rose Lovers Delight – Rose Petal Sea Salt Body Scrub is Vegan and is the perfect Valentine gift. Captured in this jar is the sweet, sensual, comforting smell of roses. The antibacerial body scrub from Naki Nagi is blended by hand using preservative free ingredients and a fine grain sea salt rich in minerals that exfoliate and revitalize the skin.

I like love Naki Nagi because they are sulfate free, Paraben Free, Vegan Sea Salt, AND? Made In New York!


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