Did you see the Grammys?

You really didn’t think I would miss the Grammys did you?  I know many people watch the Grammys for the red carpet, but I love them for the music.  While it was said 2013 was mediocre I liked it because it was teams of people playing with one another. My favorite was Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. Adam sang back up for Alicia. That is a team effort. The fact they each did their part and did it well made for a wonderful performance.

FUN. Fact? One of those wonderful boys, nerd or no, is from Northern Michigan. Yeppers, it’s been all over our local news. The keyboard player Andrew Dost, of the group FUN. won a Grammy. Whoda Thunk it eh? Oh yeah, Jewel went to school up here too, just thought I’d add that.  Michigan is a host to many performers and music.

Rhianna and Mikky Ekko were a smashingly good hit on the Grammy floor. I’m not always a Rhianna lover but I do love this song. Enough to buy the album *Gasp*. Justin Timber Lake made a debut that I think ranks right there with Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr, all three should have been on stage together.

Finally, I like the team ups and bands much better than the solos. The fact that they can show their musical ability in many ways and share it with others is a compliment.  When you have a gift you should share it.



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