02/28/13 Two Leaves Tea 18 Sachet Sampler Giveaway

Two Leaves Tea

I’ve been really tired lately and find that afternoon tea or tea in the evening helps me relax and give me a little bit of energy until bedtime. Two Leaves Tea, Paisley tea, is a premium range of traditional English-style paper teabags that is organic and Fair Trade certified. Their box of 24 teabags carriers 10% more tea per bag. Each flavor is more robust. Paisley lives up to it’s tagline” “More than one might expect.”


Two Leaves Tea, makes a perfect blend of tea and flavor.  Letting it steep in boiling water for a short amount of time is delicious for one cup of tea.  Looking to make a pot?  They carry loose tea and tea making equipment too.

Two Leaves Tea

I have been treated to their Complete Sachet Sampler. Discover each two leaves’ tea flavor with their wonderful sampler. This sampler contains one of each two leaves tea sachets for a total of 18 sachets. My flavors include:

  • Organic African Sunset Tea
  • Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea
  • Organic Peppermint Tea
  • Organic White Peony Tea
  • Better Belly Blend
  • Organic Better Morning Blend
  • Mountain High Chai Tea
  • Organic Gen Mai Cha Tea
  • Organic Pomi-Berry Tea
  • Organic Tropical Goji Tea
  • Organic Darjeeling Tea
  • Organic Orange Sencha Tea
  • Organic Earl Grey Tea
  • Organic Assam Tea
  • Organic Tamayokucha Tea
  • Organic Alpine Berry Tea
  • Organic Better Rest Blend Tea
  • Organic Jasmine Petal Tea

I have to say each sachet made a comfortable 2 cups. I made mine and then the kids had some of their own. None of the flavors tasted like another and I liked the fact that it is a Fair Trade Company as well as organic.

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