03/06/13 Slugterra: Return Of The Shane Gang



Choose Your Ammo SLUG IT OUT!


Eli Shane is determined to be the greatest Slugslinging hero of them all! Only by collecting, training and dueling with little critters called SLUGS can Eli and his team hope to defeat the forces of evil. Did we mention the part where the slugs transform into powerful magical beasts? That part’s AWESOME!


Slugterra is an epic sci-fi comedy/adventure set deep underground, where the ammo’s live (literally!) and only the quick survive! In this luminous, high-tech, underground world, every cavern holds a new adventure, a new battle and weird little slugs to be discovered!


Capture the attention of your kids on these snowy days with Slugterra.  There is nothing like movies and hot chocolate on a cold Winter day.  Just released on 02/12/13 your son will love the action with Eli Shane.
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