Kids, Guns & Mental Health

Reading on Yahoo, because that’s how I get my news, I saw an article that caught my attention. Kids getting in trouble at school for so many “kid” things. Playing war, making gun fire noise, and teasing are what all of the 10 year old boys are doing at my son’s school. I HATE the sound of the machine gun fire the boys make. Boys will make a gun out of anything including Legos, sticks and as a last resort their fingers.

Argue if you must but playing cops and robbers, or Star Wars is a boy thing and those include guns, bad guys, and good guys. What I have seen NO WHERE written is the fact that, we have been at war since 2001. My 10 year old wasn’t even born then. He has grown up watching visions of war on tv. Hearing stories of war and that he should “man up” and think about military life. HELLO! We are teaching our children to fight, while at the same time telling them “you will be suspended from school” for playing any type of violent game, right down to a snowball fight at a snow laden school yard.

I’m not even going to start on gun laws etc. because it is a whole ‘nother post. When my daughter was young and in PreK (90’s) some boys made Legos into guns and were playing during free time with them. Jumping, rolling, sound effects and all. I laughed because, well, that’s how I grew up. The teacher immediately warned them and took ALL of the Legos out of the room. So they moved on to playing with their fingers. Let’s face it kids are resourceful. The next day 3 of the boys had been suspended for a couple of days.

So here is my stance and “fire” at will.  Since the kids are seeing this on tv. Since war has been a part of life since the birth of mankind. Since this seems more fantasy than real to these children should we not inform them. Teach them? These people who are doing the shooting are not right in the head. I call them touched. Instead of over funding fights of gun laws in the government should we not INCREASE funding for mental health?

It seems to me that education and mental health would be much more effective than splitting hairs with the school as to whether or not to suspend a 5 or 6 year old kid. Lastly, IF a 5 or 6 year old has access to a REAL gun should not the parent “the gun toter” be the one investigated, punished and lose their fire arm? Not people following the laws set before us by our government. Shouldn’t the government stop wasting tax money on filibusters and support the laws already in effect?



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