With Every Down There Is An Up

I know it is impossible for me to convey the amount of snow we have had this Winter and most especially in the last week.  It’s nearing April for crying out loud.  Many of us in the north are crabbing, cranky etc.  Last year everyone was praying for snow.  Our economy here in the Tip of the Mitt  depends upon tourism in the Summer, Fall, and Winter.  It’s naturally beautiful here and everyone likes to experience all we have to offer.


Last year there were no snowmobilers, there was very little skiing, no snow shoeing, no cross country skiing, very little  ice fishing you get the picture.  This year it looks as though it looks like we’re going to be blessed with a Winter extension of sorts.  We live close to the snowmobile trails and I can hear snowmobiles  humming by and it makes me smile because it means our stores, motels, and restaurants are being patronized and making money in what is usually a lull in our economy.


Fast forward a bit.  The Lake Michigan water level has been way down and people who depend on the lake shores are trying to revise the law so they can dredge and make room for the larger boats.  While looking back in history it is a cycle.  A natural cycle but when tourists aka fudgies visit they want to go boating, swimming, and to use the lake for many activities.  With the water table down it has started a dredging nightmare.  Whether you are for or against the dredging laws here one thing is for certain, a higher water level will eliminate the NEED for dredging (digging out sand from along the shores so larger boats can dock).


Back to the snow.  For every foot of snow we get it is equal to one inch of water.  This will be rehydrating the lakes and rebalancing our natural eco system on it’s own.  Mother Nature may just know what she’s doing.  That said?  I could use some sunshine ;).




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