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It would seem with the Humane Society less than 1 mile behind us and a veterinary clinic less than one in front of us we have become a refuge for strays. I usually call to be sure they haven’t lost a pet and then I end up keeping the pets (I’m sure you’ve seen my other posts). I have learned that feeding pets well is very important. Newman’s Own Organics understands that feeding our pets as well as ourselves is important.

Newman’s Own Organics has raised the bar on organic pet foods and launched new formulations for dogs and cats. They are pleased to introduce four new holistic formulas based on the newest concepts in animal nutrition.

  • ADULT DOG CHICKEN & RICE FORMULA for dogs of all ages Protein – 21.0% min; Fat -12.0% min; Fiber – 4.5% max
  • ADVANCED DOG CHICKEN & RICE FORMULA for puppies, active dogs and healthy seniors Protein – 24.0% min; Fat -10.0% min; Fiber – 5.5% max
  • ADULT CAT FORMULA – for cats of all ages Protein – 32.0% min; Fat -10.0% min; Fiber – 3.0% max
  • ADVANCED CAT FORMULA for kittens and healthy seniors  Protein – 34.0% min; Fat -10.0% min; Fiber – 3.0% max

Each food is a unique blend of proteins, whole grains, vitamins and minerals that
maximize palatability, digestibility and nutrient assimilation. All Newman’s Own
Organics pet foods are complete and balanced and formulated to exceed the nutrient
requirements established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials
(AAFCO) Nutrient Profiles.


The differences I have noticed the kittens don’t smell nearly as bad when they’re eating well. They’re sweet and lovey but PPPP-UUUU, they can smell awful. Our vet explained to me that cats, especially kittens have to have a balanced diet or their little tummy’s can upset and produce a very smelly end result. The kittens are getting older and have moved to adult cat food. Little Heather was the worst off he (yeah Heather is a he lol) really had a tummy ache and when we would hold him could feel it gurgling. I started them on the Newman’s Own Organics pet food and he was better with in a few days.

I worry constantly about my dog. I adore him, but he’s 13, blind, going deaf, and can clear the room in a flash. I have noticed feeding him Newman’s Own Organics Pet Food has decreased his gas.


Newman’s Own Organics KNOWS that our pets look to us to be cared for. They are only as healthy as what we put into them.


  • Made with natural, human-grade chicken
  • Contains organic brown rice, peas and carrots
  • Free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives
  • Naturally preserved with vitamin E
  • No artificial colors or flavor enhancers
  • No wheat or corn
  • Certified organic by Oregon Tilth
  • Complete and balanced nutrition


  • Protein levels support specific life styles and life stages
  • Omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat
  • Antioxidants maintain healthy immune system
  • Chelated minerals promote nutrient absorption
  • Probiotics support intestinal health
  • Crunchy kibble helps keep teeth clean

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