04/05/13 PetArmor Protect Your Pet From Fleas & Ticks *3* Winners


Rose has taught me a lot about animals and animal care. Maybe my head has been stuck in the sand but I never realized fleas and ticks weren’t only in the south but in the north too. That is until a couple of years ago, when our dog got fleas. Poor Quinn was the only one in the house getting bitten and it was awful. PetArmor contains the #1 veterinarian-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, helping to keep out pets flea and tick free.


As with most things in life, prevention with PetArmor is much easier and less expensive than treating an existing problem. Even a few fleas can spread throughout your home and be difficult to overcome. Often families stop treating their pets in colder months, risking a possible infestation. So, by using PetArmor every 30 days you will protect your pet year-round.

Why is it important to stop fleas and ticks? Fleas can transmit tapeworms. Their bites can cause allergy dermatitis, a very common allergic skin disease affecting dogs and cats. Leaving your pets unprotected can cause anemia. Now with 4 cats and a dog it’s important that we keep our house flea and tick free. Protecting not just our pets but our family as well.


Last Friday PetArmor was featured on the Today Show’s Frugal Friday.  Click here to watch the video.

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