I have done my best raising my kids but I have failed lol!

Today has been a wonderful lazy day here.  Hubby and I slept in and went to breakfast.  He was thrilled to find 50 gals of  sap for Maple Syrup.  To say he was thrilled is understating it.  His friend is over and they’re bubbling it down and having a male bonding experience.  So then my mother in law comes.  She was a bit ticked when she came in because her darling son was male boding over maple syrup and didn’t have the time to come in and sit with her.


So she came inside and was mad because no one in the house was talking.  This is no small feat I assure you.  I personally thought it was kind of nice.  We were all in the living room and she wanted to sit in the dining room, so we let her.  I don’t say that to be mean but she is demanding of our time and attention.  Not like lets talk it’s more like sit down and let me tell you what you’re doing wrong.  We think we’re almost the perfect family, thank you very much, and any less imperfections would make it unfun.


We were jokingly talking about giving Ian up for adoption when Sarena and Ian decided it would be better to give up Quinn (All in fun I assure you) and even offered to fill out all the paperwork.


So after about a half hour she grabbed her flying monkeys and left.   I feel bad, I do.  I know she’s lonely, and I know going home to an empty house can’t be fun.  I wish hard that she could see that much of that she brings on herself.  The kids don’t want to visit her because she’s not very nice.  Instead of love hugs and kisses she brings over a gallon of milk and box of cereal.  She tries in her own ways but the kids want love.


SO I go out to see her off, and to check on the guys and their syrup making and come in the house to all 3 kids smiling.  Mom we’re keeping Quinn they say.  Right THERE I KNEW they were conspiring.  Quinn says mhm we’re giving Grandma up for adoption instead.  *Sigh*  It did make me giggle guiltily.  But ya know what?  We’re all still having a fab day!


Jimmie Johnson winning today helped 😉



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