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Renu Derma

One of the number one things my mother taught me growing up is wash your face every day, every night, and take care of your face. My mother is the poster child for perfect skin, and makeup. It has taken me a long time but now I’m even teaching her a thing or two. Renu Derma, the fastest way to look young, products, come complete with an ingredient list so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face. I’m thrilled to have received the organic Gel Cleanser and the Vitamin C Serum for review.

Renu Derma is a rising star in the natural skin care world. Over 70 years ago in the awe-inspiring country of the Republic of Georgia, Mariam Todadze was a passionate believer in using pure, natural ingredients to enhance and maintain her healthy skin. She applied her experience as a licensed cosmetologist and pharmacist to create her own unique skin care recipes and shared her labor of love with family and friends.

Mariam’s granddaughter, Maia, was immersed in this family tradition from an early age. She cherishes her memories of watching her grandmother and her mother make their natural skin care blends in the kitchen then sharing them with an enthusiastic crowd. When Maia moved to the U.S., she was shocked at the amount of harsh chemicals, parabens and other toxic ingredients people were putting on their skin. She was determined to share her grandmother’s old-world legacy with anyone who desired to pamper themselves with all-natural goodness and youthful results.


Partnering with a FDA-certified lab, an exclusive and delicate balance was struck between the old world and the new. Through Maia’s resolve, Renu Derma was created. Every product in the Renu Derma family is steeped in the love of a grandmother and the dedication of a granddaughter.

The Gel Cleanser is for oily, normal, and combination skin types, is a clear floaming gel and easy to use. This is perfect for my teen children working hard to keep their skin looking clear and smooth. My son has used this for about a week and I see a noticeable improvement. Followed by the Vitamin C Serum in his troubled areas his skin is looking less irritated.

The Vitamin C Serum, is an anti-aging serum that I’ve been sharing with my son and using around my eyes where my age lines are starting to appear. Vitamin C esters and extracts make this serum luscious. The silky formula absorbs easily into the skin and penetrates deep without stinging. Helps prevent aging and restores damaged cells to brighten your skin. It’s no wonder my son likes it it’s soothing and to me feels like stress leaving my skin.

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