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May Designs

I know a lot of people text, put everything in their computer, iPad and phones. While I do have much of this information I also write. I physically write a lot, from snail mail cards, to do lists, to reviews while I’m in the car waiting for the kids. I am an admitted pen thief in our home. If I fancy your pen you best hide it because it’s going to end up with the book I’m writing in. I just received a lovely personalized journal from May Designs and I love it.


I love it because it easily slides into my purse, is lined on the inside for easier to understand script, and because this particular one is monogrammed with my personal initials. Their website is beautiful to look at and it took a lot of looking and experimenting with their personalizing text widget to get the perfect journal but I did it! (shown above).

The May Books brand was born from designer Mica May, a self-proclaimed font freak and a gal a little crazy about Pantone colors. About a year after college, she launched a boutique graphic design firm (and of course, with that came web design). She was thrilled with company’s success and never meant to venture outside the world of logos again…

May Designs

The idea for her stylish notebooks came about almost by accident when clients of her design firm began taking notice of the signature notebooks that she brought along to all of her meetings. Over dinner one night, Mica mentioned to her husband that she needed to come up with some “notebook pricing” because a few clients wanted books in addition to their logos. He proclaimed, “People want to buy your notebooks!? Babe, this is your best idea yet!” and within a few more hours, the May Books domain name/logo/and ideal client lists were created.

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