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Every time I have an injury and I’ve had a quite a few, that the doctor says I think you need some physical therapy I cringe.  I’ve had therapy I’m both of my knees, a shoulder, and my neck.  It’s expensive, I have to do it on their time and the therapists basically send me home with a notebook of things to do at home too.  While I have insurance it covers very little and I find myself canceling the appointments because of the time and and fees involved.

I came across a website who understands those issues, PT Choices.  Looking through their website, I came to the conclusion that it was about time someone thought of Physical Therapy online.  Therapy that is overseen by real therapists and someone you can connect with when you have questions.
Here is an example of a nightmare scenario:  
Picture this: Jeremy is a standout high school basketball player with dreams of playing in college. During his junior year, he suffers a knee injury, rupturing his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). In continued pursuit his basketball dream, he undergoes reconstructive surgery followed by an intense course of rehabilitation with a physical therapist.

Early into his rehabilitation Jeremy’s insurance company informs him and his parents that his continued physical therapy treatment is no longer approved Unfortunately, he has no choice but to end his rehabilitation program because his family cannot afford the expense.  As a result, Jeremy does not receive the individual treatment he needs to restore his knee to its previous functional level and in the process his knee is NEVER the same.

Sounds familiar?  It did to me.  After paying for physical therapy on my knee for a muscle injury, I broke my knee cap and needed physical therapy again.  My insurance declined it stating they only pay once.

Many individuals of all ages, from young athletes to the elderly have had similar experiences.  Whether it is recovering from a serious injury after your therapy benefits lapse, needing treatment and advice for a nagging injury, or experiencing an acute bout of pain, our therapists are here to help.    It is their opinion that performing formal rehabilitation in a physical therapy facility should always be your first option.  However, many major insurance companies limit available coverage and often only authorize a select number of sessions.  After which, the financial burden is placed on the family. This translates into patients being unable to access the help they need to regain their full physical health. While the immediate impact is obvious, there are more significant long-term consequences to a lack of therapeutic care for injuries. As the years pass, the faulty mechanics and compensatory strategies that develop following all injuries, both major and minor, can lead to abnormal loading patterns creating further risk of injury and complications.   It is imperative to address these concerns and restore normal habitual movement patterns to avoid potential long term ailments.
PT Choices, believe that care shouldn’t end there.

At PT Choices, they provide alternative physical therapy options that provide access to treatment without roadblocks. Physical therapy should be reliable, consistent and most importantly accessible. PT Choices is a revolutionary virtual portal which provides online access to progressive physical therapists willing to connect with you in an alternative setting.  Their videos are inspiring and can help you do your exercises at home, alone, in the privacy of your own home.

They simplify the process and ensure patients stay connected to their therapists at home or on the go.   With their help, you gain access to the quality rehabilitation you need to increase your health, decrease your pain and prevent symptom recurrence.
They provide inexpensive quality healthcare in a convenient format which suits your schedule.  Which is important to me and my busy schedule and small budget.  The more I look into PT Choices the more I think they are really on to something.  Doctors are giving doctor calls over the internet now why can’t Physical Therapy be done over the internet?

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Disclosure:  I may have received money, product or a gift card for the purpose of this review.  This is my opinion and mine alone.

Disclosure: I may have received money, product or a gift card for the purpose of this review. This is my opinion and mine alone.


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