Love & Dis-Affection

Oh my!  It’s happened to my hubby and I many times, we’ve gone on vacation or even into town and one or both of us are snarky.  We don’t enjoy the moment of being together, we bicker back and forth and then WHAM!  One of us snaps, in public no less.  I hiss through my teeth well.  He yells in a whispered voice that isn’t so quiet.  While generally we get along and love one another and treasure the time we have with each other, we have our moments (I didn’t get to be his “witch” for being nice).


Which brings me to today.  I had to take my darlings downtown Harbor Springs.  If you haven’t been there it’s a VERY small tourist town.  We don’t like going downtown while the tourists are in residence.  They are here on vacation, or are the extreme wealthy with Summer homes on the water.  Either way it’s bumper to bumper traffic, people running in front of you and just chaos.  So I’m waiting in the car with the boys for the daughter to run into the bank and I notice a couple with their daughter walking along the street and looking at the different places to eat.  Then suddenly, he turns to the Pier Restaurant on the water and she turns to go up town yelling, “No that’s ok, we’ll eat outside like you want”.  She turned her and her daughter and started walking up the hill in a huff.

The man yelling, “No! come on let’s just eat.”

She didn’t even flinch she kept walking.   I snickered wondering who was going to cave.  Generally, it’s me in our family.  I just weigh whether I want to be right and ruin our excursion or whether I’m going to be the adult in the situation.  The man went into the fancy restaurant and for a moment I thought “Wow, they’re really going to eat separately”.  I know, I know it’s really none of my business, but it caught my attention and made me laugh because hubby and I have done this.  Ten minutes later the woman and her daughter are walking back down the hill towards the restaurant her husband went into.


She caved!  I would have too, just to keep the peace.  The peace, except our luncheon would have been had in quiet resentment.  Now, I’m with the wife on this one and here is why.  The man wanted to eat outside in an outdoor cafe.  It’s freaking cold here and on the water it’s a bit windy too, so your going to shiver and fight the wind from taking the food off your plate.





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