Choosing A Cause – Cancer


Everyone has a cause, something they believe in, something that means something to them.  I have several and it’s hard for me to choose.  Life is a tragedy in so many ways and to so many people and finding the good is hard.  Many here in the USA have it hard yet when we look to others in other countries they have it harder in every day life.  Lately, I’ve thought and thought about so many things but today my cause is cancer.


I hate the word and even the thought.  I was taught at a very young age to fear it to the tips of my toes.  My Dad’s family members had had it when there was no treatment or help to be had.   I remember hearing gory details of it eating you alive.  That Chemo Therapy was worse than death and not something to be considered, that it only prolonged the inevitable.  Yet, through all of that one, ONE of my great aunts lived.  She lived through cancer, and chemo and she lived into her 80s.  To me that is a chance, it may have been a slim one but it was a chance, and she ran with it.


So why is it weighing so heavily right now?  A friend of the family’s recently passed away from a long hard battle with cancer.  She wanted to live so badly.  She left behind a young family and husband.  But she isn’t the only one, I have 2 other young friends fighting for their lives with what started as breast cancer and lead to other cancers in the body.  3 old friends of my family’s have cancer.  One has had it for the last 5 years and has fought a long and hard.  I owe so much to her for getting me started with my internet business, with keeping me company at church functions, and as a person to look up to when I was growing up.  Another family friend is the one that fluffed my train as I walked down the aisle and told me to smile and be happy because it was my wedding day.


The memories and love go on and on and as I type I can’t help but spill tears in heartache at this horrific killer.  Even with today’s treatments we still don’t catch cancer in time.  We don’t have treatments that kill it and keep it from eating our bodies.  So today my cause is Cancer.  While I commend many of the charities that fight cancer and lift people up to help them fight, not all give every donation they can to the cause.  So today my contribution is going to the American Cancer Society.


I received NO compensation for this post.

I received NO compensation for this post.

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