My Family Visited From Pittsburgh!


Over the 4th of July my family came from Pittsburgh.  My aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband and kids, and their good friend.  Every Summer we look forward to their visit and it never ceases to amaze me that they always find something new to do.  Something I over look every day that is absolutely unique to the area we live in.


We enjoyed the parade and fireworks at the water front of course but the next day they chartered a boat and went fishing.  They caught 8 fish and had them smoked to take home.  While we fish at times here, we usually bring the fish home, cook, and eat it.  I don’t think to take it and have it smoked.


They swam in the lake and rode our bike trail every day they were here.  It’s not that our family doesn’t appreciate these things but it’s that we in our area aren’t deprived of them like they are in the city.  We were able to enjoy our local restaurants, mini golf, and stores while they were here and discover the fun we have in our own back yard.  May I just say I love Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and Lake Michigan!



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