07/29/13 Hallows Haven by Melissa Brodsky & Nicole Madison – eBook Giveaway

Hallows Haven

Hallows Haven


Melissa Brodsky

Nicole Madison


Captain of the cheer leading team, 16 year old Gwen Valiente has it all–the best of friends, a loving home, and a bright future. Little does she know that the people she loves the most have been keeping secrets–life-altering secrets.

When strange things start to happen to Gwen, she is thrust into a magickal new realm called Hallows Haven. Leaving the ordinary behind, she discovers that she can do things beyond her wildest dreams. As Hallows Haven begins to feel more like home, Gwen wonders how she ever felt satisfied with everyday life in Michigan.

Too late, Gwen realizes that even in this realm full of light and magick, danger lurks. Someone close to her is not what he seems and someone will do anything to draw her out of Hallows Haven and into the darkness. Even worse, some of that darkness may already exist within her, threatening her chance to make Hallows Haven her permanent home.
Have Gwen’s loved ones continued to keep dangerous secrets? Can Gwen resist the call of darkness?


I received a copy of Hallows Haven from my good Facebook Friend Melissa Brodsky  for review.  I read the start of it in the Winter when she started it.  I couldn’t get enough and I wanted to MAKE her finish it, and she did with co writer Nicole Madison.  The book is well written and about a teen, Gwen, going through a normal teen life when she is suddenly found in a realm that she never knew existed.  The granddaughter of the great Merlin, she starts coming into her powers.  Her grandmother moves them from Michigan to their original home in Hallows Haven.  Then the mystery and magick begins.  Life in Hallows Haven is much like that in Michigan but with a twist of Magick.  I 100% recommend this book for both teens and adults.  It’s fun and full of good descriptive imagination fantasy.  It’s the perfect Summer read and I cannot wait until book  2 is released!


I received product for the purpose of this review.  This opinion is my own

I received product for the purpose of this review. This opinion is my own

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