My #Shaklee180 6 Month Weight Loss Summary


This is my last of my 6 month journey with Shaklee180.  My husband and parents look at me in disbelief that I’ve lost so much weight and in a safe way.  During this time I was also under the observation of my doctor.  NEVER, had I seen a doctor about my weight.  We all knew I needed to lost weight and it was always an “elephant” in the room so to speak.  These have been a fast 6 months and I cannot believe this leg of my Journey is coming to an end.  Please feel free to check out my Journey since march by searching my Shaklee Journey Area.


Realistically, I have a lot more weight to lose, and just because my blogging with Shaklee is coming to an end, doesn’t mean I won’t continue to lose.  I have learned better habits from Shaklee and will forever be grateful.  I LOVE and rely on a morning fruit smoothie.  For someone who never ate breakfast this is a big deal.  It gets my metabolism started.
For lunch I either have another smoothie, a meal bar or a calorie controled meal.  I know, I know counting calories is hard.  However, it’s made much easier with the Shaklee180 ap on my phone.  I simply find the food, the amount and click it and it keeps track for me.  Easy Peasy!
I met and exceeded my doctors goal for me and the day I stepped on the scale and looked at the numbers I cried.  I was so excited and for the first time ever revealed my weight and loss to my husband.  Without his encouragement and support I couldn’t have done this.  He is my rock.
I cannot believe what I have learned about myself in the last 6 months and how much happier I am.  Your weight is just the tip of the ice berg.  It’s your self esteem, your looks as a woman, and how you feel as a mom.  I read an article in a magazine about a mom who’s kids complained they had no pictures with her that was me.  One of the things I started doing is jumping in every photo I could, and sharing them.  Not one person said “Oh, terrible picture, your fat.”  NO!  It was just the opposite.  “You have a great smile, and your son looks so happy to have mom with him.”
Then I had a problem, a big one for me.  My clothes didn’t fit and they were falling off of me and making me look bigger than I actually am.  My husband literally shoved me into Walmart to look for jeans, capris and shorts.  I knew they wouldn’t fit so I put a pair on to show him.  Then I started yelling from the fitting room “THEY FIT!”  I could actually walk into Walmart and find a pair of pants that fit.  Furthermore, they went through the washer and dryer and still fit.
Accessories, I’ve started accessorizing more, but I’ve lost so much weight that my bracelets and rings fall off.   Last weekend I almost lost a ring that was special to me and my bracelets no longer need extenders.  Wow!  I love it.  I can wear a chain that is smaller around the neck than before.

So I’ve been telling you all about the outside but let me tell you a little about the inside.  As a person I feel happier and better.  My doctor is thrilled with the weight loss, but it hasn’t “fixed me”.  I still have a low thyroid, low potassium, low magnesium, but eating at regular intervals, and eating healthier have helped the numbers come up a bit.  I’m hoping that they will continue to climb as I lose more weight.

Shaklee180 isn’t a miracle drug, it’s a tool.  A tool that helps you become healthier, helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, brings you together with others who are trying to lose weight and become healthier for moral support.  Never have I lost this much weight and I’m not going to fix what isn’t broken.  I’m hoping that Shaklee180 will be continuing to invest in me, but either way they showed me how to live.
My Weightloss Stats

  • Pounds Lost  34 from 03/01/13 to 08/24/13
    03/01/13 314 lbs
    08/24/13 280 lbs
  • Inches lost 22
    Inches Bust 54 Waist 48 Hips 59 on 03/01/13
    Inches Bust 46 Waist 42 Hips 51 on 8/24/13

My doctors and I set a weightloss goal of 301 lbs, and I definitely exceeded this.  The doctor came to this number through my bmi, my medical factors, etc.  I am beyond pleased, and will be continuing the good habits Shaklee has taught me.  Am I afraid of gaining it back?  You bet!  Terrified in fact.  This is a good fear though because when I start to move from my new routine, I literally start running through before and afters in my head.  From the way that I looked, the way that I felt, to that first feeling of fear of stepping on a scale for the first time in years.  I have lost more fear than I’ve gained, and I’m a happier person for it.

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Disclosure:  I may have received money, product or a gift card for the purpose of this review.  This is my opinion and mine alone.

Disclosure: I may have received money, product or a gift card for the purpose of this review. This is my opinion and mine alone.




Clinically tested products: The weight loss portion of the Shaklee 180 Program was tested in a preliminary 12-week clinical study.


Weight loss results: Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180 Program are unique for each person, so results my vary. People following the weight loss portion of the Shaklee 180 program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.


I am NOT giving medical advice. I was given:
3 Shaklee 180™ Energizing Smoothees
2 Packages of Meal-in-a-bar
1 Package of Snack Bars (10 snacks)
1 Package of Energizing Tea
1 30 Day Supply of Metabolic Boost
I am blogging about my own experiences and opinions.

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