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When I opened up the green bottle of grape flavored Oat Beverage, it was much more than I expected. I was not expecting any flavor and since the word oat is involved I was afraid it would be bland. I was really rather surprised to experience great, true to name flavors.

Sneaky Pete's

With the name “oat beverage” I had other expectations of what I’d find in the bottle. I guess because of the name “oat beverage”, I was half expecting a grittiness or perhaps small bits of oats in the drink. I was pleasantly surprised that this tasted mostly like a juice but with added benefits.

I’m not sure why I had that general idea about Sneaky Pete’s, I really think the word oat had me half-expecting little flakes of oat in my drink! Crazy, I know. In my defense I have had a good deal of stress tossed my way lately.


Sneaky Pete's Oat Beverages
Sneaky Pete’s All Natural Oat Beverage is available in 5 flavors, grape (my favorite), raspberry, mango, apple and peach. A functional beverage if you may, because of it’s digestive health, heart health and weight maintenance benefits. The secret? 3 Grams of soluble fiber.
Included with the bottles sent to my family for review is a paper that’s got all the information on it to ask my local grocer to carry Sneaky Pete’s, I do plan on running a couple of copies to take to stores that I visit often. I’d really much rather that my kids and yours have access to healthy drinks instead of sugar and/or caffeine laced drinks.

Use rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win a mixed case of Sneaky Pete’s All Natural Oat Beverage of your own!

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