When Life Is Out Of Control What Do You Fall Back On?

It seems lately life is running out of control.  It isn’t just mine but those around me too, and I hate it.   It’s helped that school has started and I hoping to get us into a full family routine.  My daughter is working full time.  My oldest son is working and still scouting.  He’s very active with Venturing (an activity part of scouting), and Order of the Arrow.  Quinn, the youngest who has a few health issues is exhausted after school and falls asleep as soon as he walks in the door, he’s also in Boy Scouts.


Added is homework, dinner, and running to school events like open house, car washes, etc., we’re running somewhere every night.  This tends to get me frazzled.  The first thing I always fall back on is prayer, of course.  Then music.  I am one of those people that hears music in their head constantly.  I hear songs, tunes, and notes.  Constant music, and I love it, but when I get busy sometimes the music stops.  Then I lose my footing.  While many have to stop and smell the roses I have to stop to hear the music.


Any music will do.  I’m not really fussy, there are those occasional groups and artists that are like nails on a chalk board to me, but generally I like all music.  What is your grounding?  What do you fall back on when things are crazy?



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