09/11/01 Never Forget – This Is OUR Country



It’s hard to believe that it’s been a dozen years since 9/11.  It’s also hard to believe all that has changed in the USA and around the world since 9/11.  It was unacceptable, when my oldest son was in elementary school to play war on the playground.  Now, my 11 year old who has known nothing but war since he was born, plays it on daily basis with his friends.


War is something kids have played for centuries.  It’s an atrocity that has gone on for centuries but 9/11 was the first time someone dared to kick the USA in the face.  We are now faced with a possible War with no “Boots on The Ground” in Syria.  We have attacked the Afghan government, conquered the Iraqi government, and invaded Pakistan territory to kill Bin Laden.


My voice on this is irrelevant.  It’s our voice together as a country that counts.  What should be done about Syria?  I don’t know but we’re spread so thin as it is.  We’re losing many of our boys in the other two wars on a daily basis, and I KNOW from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes that if we go into Syria, we will end up sending in troops for one reason or another.


Muslims, Jews, and Christians have fought for years, but what I don’t understand is our God is a loving God.  He does not want to see us his children fight and hurt one another any more than we want to see our children fight and hurt each other.  I don’t have the answers and yes we do need to stand up for ourselves but when is it time for peace?



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