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The founder found herself working virtually 24/7, and wondering why she didn’t build her own company, and on Jan 1, 2007, she set her mind to do just that. Looking up at the mountains of Verbier, and feeling not so fresh after a, shall we say “spirited” New Year’s eve, she wished there was a breath freshener that worked internally, was natural and fun to use. It was your storybook “aha” moment from which Eatwhatever (Two Steps to Kissable Breath) was born. The rest is history.

Over the next 3 years she created a boutique version of the product, selling it far and wide in niche stores like Colette (Paris, France), Zitomer, C.O Bigelow and Rickys (NYC, USA) and Terry White Chemists (Sydney, Australia), as well as on global websites including Amazon, Victoria Health, and Shopmasc.
In 2010, Jacqui met the famous Topps candy and baseball card man, Arthur Shorin, who “got” the product instantly, and a new growth chapter began. Together they have already made Eatwhatever better then ever, and wont stop until every person in the world can Eatwhatever and feel confident when they get that late night bootie call!

Me?  I like this and think it’s a genius idea.  First you swallow the Eatwhatever vegan gel cap.  The organic parsley and peppermint oils make your breath fresh and your tummy calm.  Then suck on the mint for instant freshness.  I love it and it the perfect go to to pop in my mouth before or even after dinner.  It gives me a much more confident feeling when talking to friends and family after eating, and makes me a little more daring to step up and give my husband a kiss.

I received product for the purpose of this review.  This opinion is my own.

I received product for the purpose of this review. This opinion is my own.

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