MP3s, Android, Music Playlist, Etc. With Winter

So today I’m having a mild heart attack.  My Zune wasn’t turning on.  It’s an old one and I love it, but I’ve over loved it.  It’s big enough that I don’t lose it.  Rose hates my Zune, I slept with earbuds in when we were in New York and St. Louis.   ‘Tis music that makes my world go round.  Zunes slap into the charger simply, and are easy to make my kids program lol.  In all seriousness I MIGHT be able to program it myself.  After working with my husband’s iPod I gave up.  I struggled with it for hours after I bought music from iTunes, and it was a waste of money because I was never able to load it onto the loathsome iPod.  I came to hate the iPod, and we gave the one I had worked so hard for away.  My husband finally bought a Zune, and I was in love, now our whole family has one or more.


My question is do I get another Zune or has iPod become more user or friendly OR do I use my phone.  My worries with using my Android is that the battery is always dead.  I forget to charge it because it’s a PIA.  Using it for music too may just kill it.  I’m kicking myself now for going for the pretty smaller one that I constantly lose, than the Android with the bigger battery and hence harder to lose.  Yeah, I’m not good with electronics.  I either kill them or lose them.  *sigh* (I know, I know I’m droaning on with out mercy eh?)


I also would like an MP3 that I can transfer my playlists I have now, that’s in my computer to the new one easily.  I really don’t want to start all over.  So here is a sampling of my playlist right now.  Instead of subtracting I’m going to do these in New and Vintage!  Why do I share my lists with you?  One, I hope that YOU will share yours with  me and possibly introduce me to new music or to old music I’d forgotten I love.  Two, in hopes of doing the same for you.


Florence & The MachineMichael Buble
Rod Stewart & in Vintage!
What About Now – Bon Jovi & in Vintage!
Emeli Sande
Mumford & Sons
Cher & Vintage!
Paul McCartney & Vintage!

Fleetwood Mac
Steve Perry
Led Zeplin
Robert Plant
ZZ Top
Bob Seger
The Beatles
Def Lepard
Eric Clapton
Joan Jett
Elton John
Linda Ronstadt
Stevie Nicks



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