A Past Relationship Doesn’t Define You As A Person

We all remember them, Steve Perry & Oh Sherrie, Kenny Chesney & Renee Zellweger, Ann Heche & Ellen Degeneres, and many many more who had the misfortune of playing out a relationship in the public eye because they were famous.  Many brought it on themself by calling attention to something they thought would last forever.

Before my husband started seeing me, he was engaged to another person.  While I’m generally not a jealous person, ex-girlfriends not talked about generally mean to me that they still have feelings.  Which, is stupid on my part because my husband and I have been happy together for 27 years *gasp* saying that out loud makes me feel old.

I actually hate the chick for what she put my husband through, but yet at the same time I’m thankful to her.  I have the worlds best husband.  Oh sometimes we have our moments, and we can raise the roof when we fight but generally speaking we’re very much intune with one another.  He’s kind, thoughtful, an excellent father, and all around good person.  I thank God every day for giving me a mate like him.

Even today people will ask what happened to his ex-wife.  I explain he never married her.  They usually feel a little uncomfortable and say something like “good”.   My point is.  People change and learn from their mistakes, whether they are failed relationships, failed marriages, or a crush that lasted too long.  People move on and form new relationships and are not defined by that one moment in time, that became their past.  It doesn’t matter if you’re famous, or “Joe Plumber”, we all deserve to love and be loved and if it doesn’t work with one person there is sure to be a better fish in the sea!



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