I Have Music On My Christmas List – Going Back By Phill Collins


I love Phil Collins, from Genesis, Disney, his solo hits, and his stint on Miami Vice. He is a music maker with an amazing talent for writing and playing. I love versatile musicians. Musicians who can do a bit of everything and push themselves to achieve more and more. Not just for their fans but for them self as well.

I have Serious Hits Live by Phil Collins and some various Disney music but I really don’t have anything new. So I’m venturing out to add Going Back to my vast and still fastly growing music collection.

I didn’t know that Phil Collins was an extra in the Beatles Hard Days Night and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, long before he was a famous musician. He play percussion on George Harrison’s song “The Art of Dying”. In 1970 Collins joined Genesis playing percussion, then in 1975 when Peter Gabriel left Genesis as the lead singer, Collins moved into the position.

In the 80s, Collins moved into song writing and as a solo artist. While I like a lot of Phil Collins’ songs the dark “In The Air Tonight” can stop me from what I’m doing to stop and listen. It never gets old and I can listen to it over and over. Collin’s is credited for playing on the albums of many artists including former Genesis bandmate Peter Gabriel’s.

He’s a member of one of my all time favorite bands Band Aid. I tend to gravitate towards artists that give back and Band Aid is a Supergroup for Charity to help raise money for anti-poverty efforts in Ethiopia with their hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”. Collins also supports many other humanitarian projects.


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