11/28/13 What Hurricane? My Solar-Powered History Vol 2 – Giveaway


What Hurricane?: My Solar-Powered History on a Supply Ship to the Jamestown Colony (Volume 2)

After Benson, O’Malley, and I returned from our trip to the Granada Relocation Center, Dad started working on the solar-powered history machine to make it better than ever. It took us awhile to decide where our next adventure would take us, but finally my brothers and I settled on exploring some family history from way back in the 1600s!

We knew traveling on board the Sea Venture to meet our ancestor, Admiral Somers, would be exciting. But we had no idea how dangerous our voyage would be!

Will Admiral Somers’ supply ship make it to Jamestown in time to save the hungry New World colonists? And what did Dad mean when he mentioned a hurricane?

This is Book 2 in the My Solar-Powered History series.


My son loved the first book, What, No Sushi? and this one was a quick read for him too.  That said quick reads mean he likes them and supplying our kids with books they love to read is important.  This makes a great stocking stuffer!



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