12/11/13 Michael Angelo Frozen Lasagna Giveaway

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My day is a constant rush, even though I’m home every day.  I make a lot of our meals from scratch but when I can’t our whole family loves  a frozen Lasagna.  I just had the opportunity to try Michael Angelo’s Lasagna, a family favorite.  Each little picky eater in our house loved it.   It isn’t surprising since Michael Angelo’s founder and CEO Michael Angelo Renna and his mother Sara have been working to provide the best possible ingredients for their meals.

Preservatives or fillers?  Not in Michael Angelo’s entrees.  Everything on their label is something you would find in a real Italian kitchen.  Mike and Sara spent years tracking down the very best ingredients including:

  •     Vine-Ripened Tomatoes
  •     Authentic Italian Cheeses
  •     Premium Meats
  •     Fresh Semolina Pasta
  •     Hand-Selected Herbs and Spices

Michael Angelos

Michael Angelos, believes in small batch cooking, made to order process, this  process ensures that foods found in your local store are the freshest.  I have found that every company our family falls in love with believes in small batch cooking.  While they say there is no “secret” ingredient I think the secret ingredient is small batch cooking, and using the very best ingredients.


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