Make a good choice: top tips for choosing the best builder


Building your home or a business is a very personal project. You are spending your entire bank balance creating a new dream that sometimes you might have doubted would even come true. It’s hard to trust someone to create what you always imagined but with health and safety regulations and regular inspections, a construction company is better because they know more about what exactly is required. Your money is in safe hands when you leave it to the professionals but how do you choose the right professional for your project?

  • Look for experience. A company who have had years of experience taking on many projects can guarantee you that they know what they are doing. They know the buidling regulations; they have up to date knowledge of changing policies and are aware of subjects which have caused previous controversy. They have all the knowledge because they’ve worked through it. Look for people with case studies; look for people who are versatile. People who specialise in new builds are ok but if you’ve got a company who have done everything from building a home to a factory, they seem more trustworthy. Experience is key to peace of mind and you know they’ll be fair with you about time scale and pricing.
  • Communication. Industrial experts who are willing to communicate with you about your ideas throughout the entire process. You will get anxious at some point about why it’s taking so long and why it doesn’t look like the plan but if you have a builder who is worrying to talk you through their work and who understands the aim of your project, you will feel better and trust them more too.
  • Recommendations. Someone in your circle of friends, family or colleagues may have had some similar work done with a great construction company. Ask people who they used, what they thought and whether they’d use them again. Word of mouth is a great technique for finding great local services.
  • Homework. Research local builders and ask for addresses of recent homes they have built. Some may even have pictures from site builds on their websites, these show you the great work they have done previously and might give you ideas about the type of work you want done.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest. Trust quality over quantity. You might be able to find a list of cheap contractors but this is your hard earned money and if these builders are under experienced and don’t follow regulations properly, you will lose out. Opt for quality and put your money in safe hands. The best way to spot potential bad builders is look at your quotes. If you getting one price that undercuts everyone by a mile, they may be something shifty about that company. It might be just that they are cheaper but take into account factors like experience and previous work to judge how good they actually are.

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  1. March 14, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    I would love to build my own home someday! I am always scared I would pick the wrong contractor and all hell would break lose lol Thanks for the tips!

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