Etta James #TBT At Last – The Inspiration For Future Females Artists!

Etta James


I have been accused of only promoting my favorite hard rock groups and artists recently. I was also told I favor guys….well kinda sorta I guess but not really! The truth is I do because when a song comes on the radio or on tv it sparks an idea or memory for me. I assure that’s not the case. I love everything from Christian music, Monk Chant (lol) to the hard hard rock. To me music is music and it’s all different. There are groups and artists I’m not fond of *COUGH* (Kanye & Bieber) but it doesn’t mean I don’t like that genre.

So someone I’ve been listening to lately and LOVE is Etta James. She was born in 1938, Jamesetta Hawkins (how beautiful is that name?). This amazing woman was born to a 14 year old girl and never REALLY knew who her father was. She was trained in vocals starting at the age of 5. She grew up in an era of musical revolution and is associated with many greats such as Little Richard, Muddy Waters, Johnny Otis, and many more!

Her rhythm and blues hit was “All I Could Do Was Cry”. While Etta James reached her peak in the 60s she has always been considered a founding member of the Blues and Rhythm & Blues movement. She did continue to perform and was in high demand at concert halls all over.

Etta James had a contralto vocal range, meaning her voice was in the lowest vocal range of a female. She fell between a tenor and mezzo-sprano. As I write this and am amazed and sharing this with my kids they’re rolling their eyes.

I love her smooth singing voice and her songs take me back to songs of long ago. While the 60s is before my time I still enjoy the music and songs that have created the music of today. With out these important legends there would be no Pink, no Katy Perry, and no Christina Aguilera!

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