Native American Nativity Scene


I thought I would repost this.  I made this Nativity for the church in 2011.  I enjoy painting and making the nativities.  We have lost all of our stores that supply ceramics in the area though and wish there was somewhere near by I could get the items needed to  make a few more of these.


With the holidays coming I would love to give a set or two as gifts.

Almost every year I paint a Nativity Scene for our church raffle.  I say almost because we don’t live in a heavy populated area and I don’t always have access to the pieces I need.  A couple of years ago I couldn’t find one but did come across a Native American scene.  I loved it.  In fact I feel in love with it, but I wasn’t so sure that the church would think it appropriate.

Our church, Holy Childhood was established as an Indian Mission and today we still have a large Native American population involved in our church.  The first scene I painted I was hesitant because I had never done anything like this before.  This year I was provided with the the bisque Native American Indian Scene, and I did paint it.

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