Soup of the Day~ Italian Soup


1 lb  hot italian sausage
1 onion, diced
2 carrots, diced
2 celery stalks, diced
5 garlic cloves, minced
2 lb potatoes, cut into chunks
2 quarts chicken stock
1 bunch kale
1 cup  light cream
1/4 cup romano cheese, shredded
salt to taste
1. Cook the sausage (cut or crumbled) on medium-high heat in a skillet. Pour off almost all of the grease & reserve the cooked sausage on the side.
2. Put the onions, carrots & celery in the same skillet. Cook on medium until the onions are translucent, stirring occasionally.
3. Add the minced garlic & continue to cook for 1 more minute, stirring constantly. Set to one side.
4. Meanwhile, place the potatoes in a large dutch oven with just enough water to cover & cook them until they are fork tender.
5. Add the sausage & the onion mixture, along with the stock. Bring to boil. Lower the heat to a simmer & cook for one hour.
6. Remove the kale from its stems & chop into small pieces. In the last ten minutes of cooking time, add the kale. When the hour is up, take the soup off the burner & add the cream. Put the pot back on the burner & heat just through. Season to taste.
7. Serve with shredded cheese on top. Excellent served with salad & garlic bread.

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