November #EpilepsyAwareness Month

Every year we, at NetworkingWitches are proud to Blog For A Cause and include Breast Cancer Awareness every October. We haven’t missed a single year.

This year I want to expand to Epilepsy Awareness. 

Epilepsy Awareness and Childhood Epilepsy Awareness. 

My great-nephew had his 1st seizure when he was 14 months old. You can read a little more here about his 1st major seizure. One of THE scariest moments of my life. 

Again in September, he had another long seizure. More than 20 minutes. 

An otherwise healthy, smiling baby boy suddenly having these “episodes”. This is just my take on it, I’m not including the words of Aiden’s mom and dad, his grandma and grandpa. My other sister who we recently lost, the rest of our family. We were scared, uninformed, in the dark. No rhyme or reasoning to what was happening to this amazing little boy. 

Aiden’s parents are awaiting a phone call from St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, he’ll be admitted and have tests done, medications adjusted. He’ll be there anywhere from 3 to 7 days. 

Every year about 50,000 people die from seizure related causes. Share. Educate others. Know how to help someone having a seizure. 

November, Epilepsy Awareness month wear purple, even if it’s a small purple ribbon. Show your support and help spread the word to educate others about Epilepsy! 

Epilepsy Awareness

1 comment for “November #EpilepsyAwareness Month

  1. Angel
    October 29, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    This my little boy we are waiting for Memphis to call They are going to do 6 different test on Aiden on is a MRI we fight epilepsy everyday daycare’s won’t accept him so I do mid-nights but can’t work that many days due to no baby sitter it’s a struggle day to day I have two older children and it is very difficult to do the things they want to do due to Aidens epilepsy my oldest understands a little more but I try to keep a job and help my other children with things they need but its hard when people look at u and ask why u can’t afford a lot and then they say it’s just epilepsy makes me so upset and I just say did u see my baby unresponsive he has therapy after therapy there is no help for these children so us parents are on our own please help spread awareness let’s get this out there so these kids can get help its serious it’s not just epilepsy

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