Karin Herzog’s Essential Mask Transforms Skin in Minutes


Anything we can do to give our tired faces a little help is important.  Karin Herzog’s Essential Mask can help.  I myself when tired and feeling poorly, I give myself a facial and it does wonders for not just my face, but energy level too.


No one likes being told “you look tired.” While Karin Herzog’s Essential Mask can’t give back those precious hours of lost sleep, it can reduce visible signs of fatigue. Perfect for before an event or after air travel, this deeply nourishing mask instantly leaves the skin feeling plumped, hydrated and energized. Formulated with 2% active oxygen and vitamin A, the Essential Mask also provides an immediate lifting and toning effect, while lessening hyperpigmentation for a brightening effect. Suitable for all skin types, especially acneic, the Essential Mask minimizes breakouts in addition to controlling future blemishes. With just one use, skin will appear softer, more refreshed and radiant. Molly Sims is a fan of the Karin Herzog brand and Essential Mask!


Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Paraben and preservative free
  • Features essentials oils of grapefruit, Mandarin orange and apricot
  • Restores hydration
  • Safe to use around the sensitive eye area and can be added to the neck and lips


The Karin Herzog Essential Mask retails for $60 and is available online via www.karinherzog.com



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